An Entity

The dopest mailing list in the hood
All mailing list options below are very low volume, and the non-urgent posts will be sent in digest form.
Any data you give will be used for the mailing list purposes only, and will never be given out to third parties!

All Demilich related posts, including competitions, offers, merchandise, social media & blog posts (, etc. We are lazy posters, so it's still a low volume list.

Only Demilich merchandise related posts. New stuff, shirt competitions, restocks, shit like that.

Personal posts from the man himself ( Rambling, wise thoughts, stupid thoughts, self-criticism, music, movies, IPA, rot. Mostly in digest form.

Everything else, including other/new projects.

This list is used for informing you on updates about Demilich's postponed USA/Canada tour on May 2021, max one email per day. Most probably once a month. When the tour is over, the list will be closed and you won't be harassed through it anymore. If you choose to subscribe to other lists here, we will naturally continue sending the relevant info to you. Very infrequently, as promised.

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